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The purpose of the ICO and Brendex.Global

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The Whitepapet development, the ICO concept formation, the clear definition of all the terms and conditions of the platform.

The creation of a developers team, the distribution of powers between them, the formation of a clear tasks plan for each team member.

The development of regulatory documents and definition of legislative responsibility, preparation of a platform for further development.

The creation of platform layouts and design concept of the site.

The platform development beginning, the implementation of the corresponding user settings.

The end of the preparatory work before the start of the ICO, the advertising campaign launch, the security audits, the launch of the ICO.

ICO implementation and BrendexCoin tokens sale.

ICO capabilities

The cryptocurrency of the future Brendex Coin

Brendexcoin is a completely new approach for the crypto-currency world perception. It will become accessible and profitable for each owner. Investing in Brendexcoin now is the opportunity to purchase coins at the lowest price and wait for the course increase and then your fortune will grow massively.

Our cryptocurrency will be available om the market and will turn into a full payment tool with which
• buy or rent mining equipment;
• lease capacities for cryptocurrency mining;
• make trading transactions on exchange markets and fix good profits.

As the owner of the Brendexcoin, you will be able to:
• invest your capital in the project development;
• store tokens and receive a small but stable income;
• conduct trading transactions, removing tokens from the platform.


1130074.00 BDEX

Sold tokens

100% Complete (success)


5 237 000 BDEX

Brendex successes and future prospects

Every day we try and work for the benefit of our company. The success achieved to this date are an indicator of our entire team productive work and openning new opportunities to improve our business.

ICO - a new stage of development

Working with the Brendex.Global platform